Issue Brief

The issue brief assignment was an opportunity to research the history of a certain issue, examine its causes, and persuade the reader to support my unique solution. In my issue brief, “Artificial Intelligence: the Future of the United States,” I discussed the history of artificial intelligence and its importance to the well-being of the United States.  I outlined the actions the United States needs to take in order to ensure its competitiveness in artificial intelligence, such as investing in research and education. I enjoyed this project because it allowed me to share my passion for technology with others and challenged me to break down technical concepts in an understandable way to readers, a skill that is vital to any engineer. In this piece, I also had to analyze the possible impacts artificial intelligence could have on the American economy and job availability, which reveals my ability to analyze the ethical implications of different technologies. This is my favorite piece I produced all year, because I got to share my passion for technology with my peers, instructor, and family



Blogging was a weekly practice in my Rhetoric and Civic Life Class, and allowed me to explore my passions and interests and share them with my peers. I enjoyed blogging throughout the semester, because it allowed me to write in a less formal manner and explore different ideas. 

In my passion blog, “Ladies in Tech,” I discussed impactful women in technology. All of these women have some sort of connection to me, whether than be a personal relationship, company affiliation, or even religious background. This blog gave me the opportunity to share the great accomplishments of these women that are often undervalue, and understand how these women accomplished such great success despite the barriers in their way. Through this blog, I hoped to inspire other women in technology.

In my blog post, “Cool Tech Lady #8: Saiph Savage,” I had the opportunity to talk about the great accomplishments of a woman I know personally, Dr. Saiph Savage. I did research with Dr. Savage at West Virginia University and Carnegie Mellon University. In this blog post, I had the opportunity to examine the impact Dr. Savage had on me as a professional and a person, and is the entry I enjoyed the most writing all year.

In my blog post, “Cool Tech Lady #1: Katherine Johnson,” I discuss the life of work of “hidden figure” Katherine Johnson. Katherine Johnson is from West Virginia (like me!) and worked on the Apollo missions at NASA during the 1960s. In this post, I examine Johnson’s unique origins and how she didn’t let her race or gender prevent her from accomplishing her goals. In many ways, she doesn’t even acknowledge these things as possible inhibitions! As with all of my blog posts, I also examine how Johnson’ story has personally impacted me. 

In my blog post, “Cool Tech Lady #5: Mary Kenneth Keller,” I discuss a less commonly known woman in computer science who was actually a Roman Catholic nun! Keller was the first woman in the U.S. to receive her degree in computer science, and actually started the computer science department at Clark College in Iowa. In this post, I examine how Keller achieved such great success and how she used her talents to elevate other women as well. 

My other passion blog, “Yamas,” was an opportunity for me to tell the story of my ten-day school trip with my family in the beautiful country of Greece. This blog allowed me to intertwine my love of narrative and history, and tell the high and lows of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I really loved writing this blog, and I plan to look back on it in the future. 

In my blog post, “Sublime Samos: My Favorite Place,” I discuss my adventure on the beautiful island of Samos. On this island, I was filled with the rich history of the Temple of Hera and got to relax on the beach.  

In my blog post, “Pleasant Patmos: Where God Spoke to Man,” I examined the rich history of Patmos, where St. John wrote the book of revelation. In this piece, I examine my faith and how it was impacted by this unique experience.  

In my blog post, “Running Around Rhodes,” I discuss the mixture of ancient and medieval  elements on the island of Rhodes. I also tell the story of my near-death experience climbing up to the Acropolis of Rhodes, which was followed by relaxing on a beach next to a medieval castle.